Why Choose Dental Implants

There are at least seven reasons to choose dental implants at Ajax Dental, North Harwood if your condition qualifies implant.

1. Chewing power will be similar original teeth. The false teeth chewing power the magnitude of 10% of natural teeth, dental implants while chewing power magnitude of 70-90% of natural teeth or close to the original tooth. Successful Implant lets eat solid food but not the food was very loud and too hard.

2. Convenience similar natural tooth. Dental implants are managed to give a sense of comfort that is similar to a natural tooth. With implants, chewing food tasted like chewing with a natural tooth. The implant allows you to feel the texture of the food temperature and food temperature.

3. Durability economical. Implants can last for years if you use and take good care. Never breaking taboos implants. Breaking taboos equal to shorten the lifespan of implants and increase the risk of implant failure. Whenever possible, avoid or prevent a predictor of failure of dental implants. To be able to last long indeed requires precision dental implants from the patient. Year 10 after installation of dental implants, you have a 50:50 chance of surviving implants. In its 20th year, the chance to survive is still there, but below 50%.

4. Protecting teeth next to toothless space. Dental implants are only installed on the space without disturbing toothless and erode the teeth on the right and left.

5. Dental implants are more convenient and easier to clean. Dental implants are more convenient because it is embedded into the alveolar bone like natural teeth and no additional equipment is installed in the mouth. The likeness to the original tooth also allows you to clean the implants as teeth cleaning and another natural, ie with a toothbrush, dental floss, and rinse.

6. Maintaining the health and integrity of the jawbone. Placement of dental implants cause jawbone so much healthier and prevent bone supporting the teeth shrink or even disappear as we’ve discussed in the article “Due to the missing tooth is left”. Thus, the implant serves as an alternative solution for sunken appearance and dent that make people look older.

7. There is no chance of any holes in the implant. Implants made of metal and easy to clean. Therefore, the implant cannot cause cavities.

Avoid restrictions and control implant dentist every 6 months or sooner if you feel something suspicious is useful to address the problems that arise as early as possible. If you want to replace missing teeth with implants, contact our office.

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