We provide full facilities for your convenience

In the last two decades, the era is changing rapidly. With the internet and Smartphone, all can be done with the touch of a finger. Especially for those of you who live in large cities, with a fast-paced rhythm of life. Then you must continue on matching with that rhythm. This is where the importance of the various facilities that can support your activities. What about the facilities in the neighborhood of your property? Most residents of the big city or industrial area choose to stay in apartment or condominium for the sake of convenience because it is closer to the work site. When choosing a condo, you should also pay attention to whether the facilities provided sufficient support all of your activities. Because the destination why you live in a condo near your workplace is to facilitate and obtain practical facilities so you have to take your profits. Like queens peak condo that provides complete facilities for your convenience.

We provide 24-hour security system with CCTV which continues recording without interruption. For a sense of security living in a condo is sure to be an important factor because you will not at any time be in your unit to keep what you have. With the 24-hour security system, then you feel safe to go to work or go on vacation for a few days. In addition, the CCTV camera which continues to record every activity in the public area in the condo will make you calmer because it can be easier when needed at any time. There is also the facility of access into the condo with fingerprint increasingly keeping your security as a resident who is personally and privacy to be more awake.

There are various restaurants and also some mini market. It surely can help you especially if you need to meet your needs at any time. There is cable TV, the internet, and wifi which today can be easily obtained. Internet and wifi will allow you to be able to obtain a variety of information whenever you want. The laundry service and room cleanliness, convenience is available to serve you so that you do not need to bother thinking about the dirty laundry piled up. You can also enjoy your clean and tidy unit at all times. There are adequate parking areas, especially for owners of a glittering 2 to 3 rooms. Availability of adequate parking area sometimes becomes a problem when you live in a condo. How you can be comfortable if your vehicle must be parked at a distance or with a narrow parking space so make your misgivings with your vehicle. In queens peak condo, we try to understand by providing adequate parking area.

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